A great new option for your High Performance Challenger, Charger, 300 or Magnum

The Hemi powered LC and LX MOPARs of today are a perfect platform for major modifications. It’s easy to build big horsepower and the stock rear axle assemblies just aren’t up to that power. At Dynatrac, we’ve developed the perfect solution- Introducing the new Pro60-IRS.

The Pro60-IRS has features not available anywhere else. It starts with a custom cast, high strength nodular iron housing that is based off the tried and true Dana 60. Well known by MOPAR performance fans, the Dana 60 gear set is well suited to the performance delivered by today’s High Performance Hemi engines. With gear ratios from 3.54 to 7.17 there is something for everyone. To help push that power to the ground we’ve added 35 spline chromoly inner stub shafts for maximum strength and durability.

All that power has to get all the way to the ground so we’ve developed some great high strength CV axle shafts. These chromoly shafts feature high strength CV joints, exclusive 35 spline outer stub shafts and 35 spline hub bearings. You won’t finder a better, stronger system.

The Dana 60 gear design allows us to use all the popular differential options. From a spool to a Truetrac LSD, Detroit locker, ARB air locker or anything in between, we can fit the Pro60-IRS with the traction aid of your choice. You’ll find the Dana 60 differentials to be much larger and more durable than stock (or even heavy duty aftermarket).

To appease the builder mentality in many of us, Dynatrac also offers the Pro60-IRS as a housing and stub shafts only assembly. This allows you to add the gears and traction aid of your choice on your own time and schedule.

  • Made in the USA – Dynatrac's American-made quality and warranty is standard equipment on all ProRock 44™ housings and assemblies.
  • Nodular iron housing for maximum rigidity
  • Based on the renowned high strength of Dana 60 gears and differentials
  • Finned cast aluminum differential cover
  • Utilizes standard 9-3/4” Dana 60 gear sets in ratios from 3.54-7.17
  • Spicer 1350 u-bolt style driveshaft yoke
  • 35 spline chromoly inner stub axles
  • High strength CVs with chromoly shafts
  • 35 splines outer axles shafts with high strength 35 spine hub bearings
  • Available with all common aftermarket traction aids. Spools, LSDs or lockers. It’s your choice.
  • Available as a builder assembly for the DYI enthusiast
  • 1 year warranty limited warranty
  • Got big power and high torque? No problem!
  • Dana 60 conforms with Chrysler muscle car heritage
  • Choice of differentials to suit YOUR use
  • Nodular iron housing eliminates housing, differential and gear-life problems under severe use
  • 35 spline axle shafts replace much weaker, common failure points
  • Bolt-in fit in 2009 and up LC/LX models. Perfect fit!
  • Harder launches with no worry about broken rear ends!
  • Build it yourself option allows you to tap into the HUGE aftermarket Dana 60 support and find the parts that are right for you and your budget