Walker Evans Racing has recently released absolutely the highest quality, strongest beadlock wheel available anywhere. Perfect for the hardcore desert racer, rockcrawler or trail rig.

  • Unmatched strength and dependability through the unique, 1-piece cast design. No welds to leak or crack. Walker Evans Racing Beadlocks are rated to 3800lbs per wheel!
  • Designed from the ground up as a beadlock wheel, eliminating the need to weld a ring on some other manufacturer’s inferior wheel.
  • Heavy-duty grade 8 retainers and steel inserts help prevent outer ring failure and will not strip.
  • Relocated valve stems offer ultimate protection.
  • Available in both machined finish and fully polished
  • 1-piece solid aluminum alloy cast wheel (not welded)
  • Grade 8 Hardened retaining bolts solidly clamp outer ring to wheel using long steel threaded inserts
  • Specially relocated valve stem

Available in 17x8.5” and 15x8.0” sizes and custom backspacing between 3.75” and 5”, all standard lug patterns are available including Hummer, VW, and Unimog patterns.

WE Racing 17x8.5 Beadlock Wheel (no finish) WE03-1007-A
WE Racing 17x8.5 Street Wheel (no finish) WE03-1007-D
WE Racing 15x8.0 Beadlock Wheel (no finish) WE03-1007-E
WE Racing 20x8.5 Street Wheel (no finish) WE03-1007-G
WE Racing 20x8.5 Beadlock Wheel (no finish) WE03-1007-H
Polish or Powder Coat Finish, Color TBD (per wheel) WE03-1007-I