• 3-times stronger than other Dana 60 Locking Hubs
  • First truly new locking hub design in 20 years
  • Gears MADE IN USA from heat-treated, chromoly steel
  • Unique gear tooth design won’t disengage under high torque load
  • Low profile knob assembly decreases impact with rocks and obstacles
  • Short, tough, steel bezel assembly decreases and resists impact with rocks and obstacles
  • Defaults to locked position for reliable operation
  • Models available for 30 and 35 spline shafts
  • Bolt-on installation. Upgrades locking hubs on Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks equipped with Dana 60 front axles from ’77-’04
  • Requires a 1/8 of a turn to engage
Dynaloc Instalation Instrucitons With Appendix



April 2008 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine
Dynatrac Dynaloc Locking Hubs - Failsafe: DynalocHubs
A Simple Upgrade With Big Results

October 2008 issue of Off Road Magazine
Dynatrac's Dyna Loc Locking Hubs - Dyna Locs Are Dynamite

Dynatrac Pro-Series Hubs E,G,I, J, K - 35 Spline DT60-3B396-BA
Dynatrac Pro-Series Hubs E,G,I, J, K - 30 Spline DT60-3B396-BB
Dynatrac Stub Hubs AA, X, Y - 35 Spline DDT60-3B396-BC
Dodge Free Spin Kit - '00-'08 - 35 Spline DT60-3B396-BD
Ford Free Spin Kit - '99-'08 - 35 Spline DT60-3B396-BE
OEM GM '79-'91 D60F, OEM Dodge '79-'93 D60F - 35 Spline GM60-3B396-BA
OEM GM '79-'91 D60F, OEM Dodge '79-'93 D60F - 30 Spline GM60-3B396-BB
OEM Ford Super Duty '99-'04 D50F/D60F - 30 Spline FO60-3B396-BA
OEM Ford '78-'97 D50F/D60F - 35 Spline FO60-3B396-BB
OEM Ford '78-'97 D50F/D60F - 30 Spline FO60-3B396-BC

For those customers purchasing Dynatrac complete axle packages or Free-Spin™ kits, you can upgrade the stock Warn hubs to DynaLoc™s.
Ask your Dynatrac Sales Tech about this upgrade when ordering your new Dynatrac axle or Free-Spin™ kit