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Dynatrac knows how to reduce the cost of operating your truck while making it more reliable. Both are important considerations during these difficult times when you need to get the absolute most out of such an important investment. Dynatrac has products that are ready now to save you money, aggravation, and downtime. Check out the now legendary Dynatrac Free-Spin™ HDHC (heavy-duty hub conversion) kits, DynaLoc™ locking hub kits, and now we are introducing the new Dynatrac Ball Joint.

Since 1992, many heavy duty, 4x4 pickups and SUV’s have front axles such as those from AAM, and the Dana 50 or 60. These axles have steering knuckles equipped with ball joints.

This design has replaced the older, king-pin style knuckles. The ball joint knuckle has fixed some nagging problems that were typical in the old king-pin axle assemblies such as wheel shimmy, wandering, and certain wear problems. In addition the ball joint style axle costs less to manufacture and assemble at the factory. However, many truck owners still believe the old king-pin set-up was better. Well finally you can have the best of both worlds. Announcing the new Dynatrac Ball Joint.

"As an aerospace machine shop owner, I am around high quality machined parts every day of my life. I have no problem saying that you guys produce world class products that I would be proud to put my name on."   – (Brian N. 2011 Dynatrac Free-Spin customer)


The Dynatrac Ball Joints provide higher strength, longer life and once installed can be rebuilt without special tools. This improves servicing the ball joints more easily in the field or at home. Rebuilding the Dynatrac Ball Joint at home or at your local shop will cost less than having new OEM ball joints installed at an alignment shop or the dealer.

  • High strength billet steel and heat treated bodies.
  • Super strong chromoly steel, heat-treated stems.
  • Effective seals prevent contamination and promote long ball joint life.
  • Fully greaseable on the truck.
  • Heat treated, precision ground stainless steel ball conforms to Military specifications.
  • Teflon coated internal wear points.
  • Fully-adjustable cup support protects against severe road impacts.
Dynatrac Service Bulletin - Pro Steer Ball Joints with Knurals


Technical Service Bulletin - Dynatrac Ball Joint - JK


  • Reduce the cost of operating your truck.
  • Big increase in strength from the OEM ball joints.
  • Rebuildable without special tools – Lower repair costs.
  • Long Life – Less downtime, less tire wear.
  • Improves performance, handling and driver’s feel of the road.
Dynatrac Heavy Duty Ball Joints
Includes 2 uppers, 2 lowers, and installation instructions.

Description Part Number
'07-'13Jeep Wrangler


Dynatrac Heavy Duty Ball Joint Installation Tool Kit
The Dynatrac ball joint installation kit will prevent damage to the ball joints during installation.
Description Part Number
'07-'13 Jeep Wrangler


Rebuild Kit, 2 Uppers/2 Lowers, For
JP44-2X3050-A ProSteer BJ Kit

jk BALL JOINT InstalLation Instructions


JK Ball joint re-build instructions

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Dynatrac guarantees the correct fitment of Dynatrac Ball Joints on approved applications for axles and knuckles manufactured by Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Dana, AAM and Dynatrac.

Dynatrac cannot guarantee the Dynatrac Ball Joints will correctly fit and operate safely in aftermarket or look alike axles with knuckles manufactured, reverse engineered or imported by third party companies which do not meet OEM standards.