Dynatrac Pro Series™ Differential Covers offer top-notch protection for your axle’s differential. Cast from Dynatrac’s own proprietary, nodular iron, Pro Series™ Covers provide not only excellent differential protection and unrivaled strength, but also enhance the look of your undercarriage.

  • Manufactured from 100% high-strength, proprietary nodular iron
  • Lateral Ribbing cast into the cover for added rigidity
  • Lower Ribbing protects delicate differential parts from damage
  • Raised fill plug for increased fluid capacity on high pinion angles
  • Bullet Proof Differential Protection for your Dana, GM, Ford or Dynatrac ProRock 60®
  • Built in Ribbing for protecting vital differential components
  • Adds an aggressive look to your HD Axles
  • Promotes greater housing rigidity
  • Outstanding Dynatrac Quality
  • The Dynatrac Pro Series™ covers are available for all Dana 30, 35, 44, 50 and 60 Differentials.
  • Dana 60 covers fit most Dana 70 applications: please call to confirm your Dana 70 model.
  • Dana 80 covers available for Dodge 3500: 1994-2002, GM 3500: 1992- Current, Ford 350/450: 1998-current (note: Some late model Dana 70s also use the Dana 80 differential cover)
Pro Series 60 Diff Cover (Some Dana 70) DA60-1X4033-M
Pro Series 44 Diff Cover DA44-1X4033-BB
Pro Series 35 Diff Cover DA35-1X4033-B
Pro Series 30 Diff Cover DA30-1X4033-B
Pro Series Ford 10.25" & 10.50" Diff Cover FO10-1X4033-A
Pro Series 80 Diff Cover DA80-1X4033-A
Dana 30 - MOPAR ‘Jeep’ P5155445
Dana 44 - MOPAR ‘Jeep’ P5155446
Dana 60 - MOPAR ‘Jeep’ P5155447