Recreational Tow Rig. Off-Road Explorer. Industrial Workhorse

When factory specs just don’t cut it


Motor Trend Magazine has voted our 2009 Dodge Free-Spin kit as one of SEMA’s Top 25 New Products for 2011.

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How do you use your truck? It might a recreational tow rig, an off-road explorer, an industrial workhorse, a daily driver or a combination of them all. No matter how you use your truck, the engineers at Dynatrac understand that the measure by which all parts are judged is strength and performance. From light duty to extreme use, your vehicle should be built for reliability and endurance under any conditions. All too often, the original equipment falls short. As an industry leader, Dynatrac has taken up the challenge of building the better truck.

Here’s a customer that has put over 470,000 miles on his Free-Spin kit!!

"I still have the original bearings, and all I do is inspect, clean and re-pack them once a year.
I netted about 1.5 - 2 mpg with the kit.(empty miles)"   – (Greg Warnken, Warkarusa, IN)


"As an aerospace machine shop owner, I am around high quality machined parts every day of my life. I have no problem saying that you guys produce world class products that I would be proud to put my name on."   – (Brian N. 2011 Dynatrac Free-Spin customer)


Why Dynatrac?

Dodge Free-Spin™ Heavy-Duty Hub Conversion Stage I Kit

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  • Increases reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership- wheel bearings and seals are dramatically cheaper to maintain and can be easily serviced longer life, even under severe conditions
  • Dramatic increase in axle strength and reliability with induction-hardened alloy 35 spline 1.50” axle shafts
  • Simple bolt on installation- No machining or welding
  • Maintains stock brakes and ABS sensors
  • Manual-locking hubs reduce wear and increase fuel economy by preventing parts from rotating constantly during 2WD operation.
  • Smoother ride and better handling

With Dynatrac’s Free-Spin™ kit you can easily change out the problematic unit bearings for durable, reliable, inexpensive and easy to maintain fixed spindle wheel bearings. To many of us, our trucks are an investment. We use them for everything from driving to work to using them as a work tool. To prevent inconvenient downtime that could hurt your ability to get to work, get the job done or take the family for a much needed vacation you’ll want to protect your investment. The Dynatrac Free-Spin™ kit…it’s great investment advice.

Description Part Number
94/99 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit - Stage 1 
(ABS Not Supported)


00/08 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit - Stage 1 
(ABS Included)

00/08 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit w/DynaLocs - Stage 1 
(ABS Included)

2009 Dodge 2500/3500
Free-Spin Hub kit (Warn hubs)

2009 Dodge 2500/3500
Free-Spin Hub kit (Dynaloc hubs)

2010-11 Dodge 2500/3500
Free-Spin Hub kit (Warn hubs)

2010-11 Dodge 2500/3500
Free-Spin Hub kit (Dynaloc hubs)

2012-2015 Dodge 2500/3500
Free Spin Hub kit (Warn hubs)

2012-2015 Dodge 2500/3500
Free Spin Hub kit (Dynaloc hubs)

Dodge Stage II 35 Spline Diff Internals Kit, Open Diff. (OEM Diff) DA60-4236-B